Unfortunately, the Biden Administration has made a mess of the border with Mexico. They took a system that was working, although not perfect, and screwed it up for what seems like spite. here is how you fix the border:
  • Re-instate “Remain in Mexico”.
  • Build a barrier.  Texas is showing that is works, and they are just using razor wire.
  • Change the way we handle asylum claims.
  • Deport any person found to be here illegally (Executive branch should have no discretion in this, as they have shown to be lacking in common sense).
  • Before I give a single red cent to a foreign government, provide 10 billion dollars for deportation funds, to be used for no other purpose.
Some say we can not deport all illegal aliens, but we should try.


It comes down to one thing.  As an American, which law do we get to break with no repercussions?  The answer is none, so we should enforce our immigration laws as well.